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3 Great Qualities of Hair Salon Logos.

There are many distinct qualities of a great hair salon logo. Although our focus will be on hair salon logos, hair stylist logos, barber logos; these qualities can be applied to other types of logos such as tanning salon logos, boutique logos, or corporate logos,etc . 3 main qualities that great hair salon logos have in common are:

Number 1: Your hair salon logo is unique when compared to your competitor's hair salon logo.
One of the biggest mistakes that clients make is the desire to have their hair salon logo look just like their competitors. For example, a client may see a hair salon logo on a flyer that he or she absolutely loves and will tell the designer "I want my hair salon logo to look just like that one!" This becomes a problem because ideally you want your hair salon logo to stand out from your competitor.

The main focus behind the design of a hair salon logo should be to create one that is unique & different, stays away from trends, and has the potential to be timeless while making a statement. Even if the competitor of the hair salon logo that you like, is from a different city or state, you still want to get into the habit of being original. This will go a long way with your target market and your own clientelle as they will see you as a pioneer in the industry rather than a follower. If you do find a hair salon logo of a competitor that you love you should take a minute and figure out exactly what you love about the logo. Take those elements and build upon it. Ask yourself, "How can I take these elements but apply them to the "true soul" of my hair salon. The logo designer can then take the elements that you like from your competitor's hair salon logo, combine it with the true "soul of your salon," and create a unique hair salon logo that stands out.

What is the "true soul" of your hair salon? To find out, ask yourself these questions: who are you? what are you all about? who is your target audience? what is your vision for your hair salon? how are you different? This information is crucial when designing a your hair salon logo.

Go ahead and do a search and chances are you are going to find a bunch of hair salon logos that look the same. The message this gives to your potential customer is that you are just the same as every other hair salon logo when you should want them to think otherwise.

Hair Salon Logo
Here is an example of two great hair salon logos

Number 2: Your hair salon logo uses no more than TWO colors
The most important reason to limit the number of colors in your hair salon logo is to keep printing costs at a minimum. Sometimes it will cost substantially more to print a 4 color logo as opposed to a 1 or 2 color logo. It may not be a big factor if you are just printing your hair salon logo on a price sheet but when you are printing bigger jobs such as a hair salon brochure, it's going to make a bigger difference in cost. Let's take a hair salon business card for example. If your salon logo is designed with 4 colors, then every time your business cards are printed, it could cost a few hundred dollars more than a 1 or 2 color print job. Let's just say you end up needing to reorder your hair salon business cards several times during the year, the costs involved can end up being a burden. If costs are not an issue and you want more than 2 colors in your hair salon logo, then by all means go ahead. Just make sure the logo designer doesn't get too carried away with the colors of the hair salon logo. Sometimes less is best.

Number 3: Your hair salon logo works just as well as a black & white logo as it does in color
In order for a hair salon logo to be designed successfully, it is very important for the hair salon logo to work in Black & White first, color second. You will be surprised to know how many designers don't follow this rule. Make for certain your hair salon logo works well in black and white or you could have problems. For example, when you print out a fax with your hair salon logo in the corner - or photocopy a flyer, parts of your logo may not show up or be readible because of the technology, especially a fax machine which doesn't read color well. There are times when you will need to reproduce your hair salon logo in black and white instead of color and it is the designers responsibility that your hair salon logo works both ways.